Rules and regulations



1st – Of the Duties of the Users.

Users of Camping Estrella de Mar are obliged, in accordance with Article 31 of Decree 159/2012 of 20 November, d’Establiments d’Allotjament Turistic i d’ Habitatges d’Us Turistic, to comply with the following duties:

a) Comply with the conditions agreed in the terms of the contract with CAESMAR, S.A.

b) Pay the Price of the Tourist Services in the agreed place, form and time.

c) Comply with these Internal Regulations, the provisions of the Seasonal Contracts as well as the general rules of good coexistence and hygiene.

d) Respect the Facilities, Goods and Services that CAESMAR, S.A. makes available to you.

e) Respect Environmental Values.

2nd – Of the Rights of the Users.

The Clients Users and Partners as Users enjoy, according to the Art. 30 of the Decree 159/2012 of November 20, d’ Establiments d’ Allotjament Turistic i d’ Habitatges d’ Us Turistic, of the following Rights:

a) Receive objective, previous, exact and complete information about the conditions of rendering of the services offered to them.

b) Receive the tourist services and benefits in the conditions offered or agreed with CAESMAR, S.A.

c) Obtain the documents accrediting the terms of the contract and the invoices for the services paid, issued in accordance with current legislation.

d) To have their security and that of their goods guaranteed in the establishments and services they use, in the terms established by law.

e) To be guaranteed peace of mind and privacy, in accordance with the characteristics of the establishment they use and the environment in which they are located.

f) To formulate such complaints as they deem appropriate and to obtain without delay the official sheet for making such complaints and the appropriate guidance for completing it.

g) Request and receive the help of the tourist administrations, when necessary for the defence of their rights as tourist users, regardless of their origin and destination and without prejudice to the competences of other bodies and authorities.

3rd – Of the Right of Access and Permanence.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 12 of Decree 159/2012 and by reference to the 39bis of Law 13/2002, Camping Estrella de Mar as a Tourist Accommodation Establishment has the consideration of public premises and as such has reserved the right of admission.

Access and stay at Camping Estrella de Mar are free for users who have contracted the services and can not be restricted by race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance.

With the signature of the Reservation the client is committed to comply with this Internal Regulations, which is publicly displayed in the Reception Offices of the Campsite and other notice boards distributed by the Camping for this purpose.

The access and the permanence in the Camping Estrella de Mar are expressly conditioned to the faithful and exact fulfillment on the part of the User of the present Regulation of Internal Regime, of the Contract of Season that subscribes as well as of the effective legislation in the matter of Tourist Lodgings.

4th – Of the Reception and Information.

The Reception of the camping constitutes the center of relation with the users for administrative and information purposes. The Camping Estrella de Mar has exposed in his reception and of visible form the following documents and data:

a) Dates of operation.

b) Situation plan and limits of each one of the camping units, as well as the corresponding numeration.

c) Fire extinguishers location plan.

d) Situation plan of the different services.

e) List of operating hours of the different services, prohibition of internal circulation of vehicles, etc.

5th – Of the permanent and full Identification of the Usuary Persons.

Users are required to prove their identity at the time of entry into the establishment by showing a document that sufficiently accredits their identity (Passport, ID).

CAESMAR, S.A. keeps a Register of the users accommodated which must be sent to the Directorate General of the Police with the information relating to the stay of the people who are staying at any given time, in accordance with the citizen security regulations applicable to all establishments that provide, by means of a price, accommodation for people.

At any time and for the sole purpose of being able to comply with this last governmental obligation, Users are obliged at all times to show proof of identity at the request of the Campsite Management.

6th – Of the Units of Camping and its enjoyment.

The Camping Unit is the space of land destined to the location of a vehicle and a mobile, semi-mobile or fixed hostel. Each Camping Unit must have conveniently signposted its limits and the number that corresponds to it.

CAESMAR, S.A. may have Camping Units that have a Vehicle Parking in a different place from the one where the hostel is located. In this case, 15 m2 can be deducted from the area corresponding to the camping unit, depending on the category of the campsite, and the place destined for parking must have the number of the unit to which it corresponds.

The existence of camping areas within campsites can be accepted as a replacement for some units in those establishments where the topography or vegetation makes it difficult to divide the camping units homogeneously. These areas must be marked with letters, their boundaries must be marked, and the number of mobile shelters that can be installed in them must be stated in accordance with the square metres required per unit, according to the category of the campsite.

CAESMAR, S.A. reserves the right to decide at any time which Camping Unit the client may occupy. Should the client, at the request of CAESMAR S.A., have to change the Camping Unit, he/she will have a period of fifteen days to do so, if after this period the transfer has not taken place, the client authorises CAESMAR, S.A. to move his/her belongings, exempting it from any responsibility if these belongings suffer any damage during the transfer.

Each one of the Camping Units is properly delimited, so that no facility may invade another’s Camping Unit. In case of doubt, the Management of CAESMAR, S.A. will resolve the matter.

In the camping unit is only authorized to install as a main unit, a camping tent or a caravan or a trailer or a caravan, with or without avancé. As secondary units, only a canvas tent with a maximum size of 3m x 2m, which will house the kitchen, is authorised.

The installation of a tent with four corners without a front wall and a maximum of 3m x 3m is permitted. It is understood as walls the use of sliding curtains during the time of camping only. During supply cut-off periods, there can be no walls at all.

Any gardening motif or fixed dwelling that gives the appearance of a settlement is strictly prohibited. The plot must always be in optimum condition to preserve the image of the campsite. It must be collected and clean, avoiding the accumulation of rubbish, utensils, toys, clothes, etc. in the free area of the plot as 50% of it must be free.

The remaining 50% of the camping unit will be used to park the vehicle or motorbike of each client, without occupying streets or roads.

On the closing dates of the campsite, to be determined by CAESMAR, S.A., the client is obliged to leave the Camping Unit completely collected and cleaned. If this is not the case, the client authorises CAESMAR S.A. to proceed with the removal of all the Elements it deems appropriate, exempting it from any responsibility if they suffer any damage during dismantling. CAESMAR S.A. will issue the corresponding invoice for this service.

The entrance to the Camping Unit is fixed between 12:00 and 16:00 hours.

The persons accommodated must leave the unit they occupy before 12 noon. In the case of groups of 20 or more people, the establishment can set the departure time to be from 10 am.

After 12 noon without having proceeded to evict the Camping Unit, will become and charge a day’s stay with a limit of one week. From the 8th day onwards, the Company will be empowered to vacate the Plot in accordance with the Law, and may, if necessary, seek the help of the forces of public order.

The enjoyment of accommodation and other services lasts for the period agreed between the owner of the establishment and the user or his representative. Any extension or reduction of the previously agreed term is subject to mutual agreement between the owner of the establishment and the user.

From the moment that the agreed accommodation period has ended, or that the Invoice for Services has not been paid or that the User has had to be evicted, CAESMAR, S.A. may freely dispose of the Camping Unit.

The conditions stipulated in the Campsite Millora Plan must be complied with at all times.

7th – Prohibitions in the Camping Unit.

It is expressly forbidden for the Caravan and Mobile Home Season Contracts:

  • to stay in the Camping the working days (except vespers of festive) out of High Season.
  • Install in the Camping Unit, igloo tents, Canadian or any other type of tents in addition to the main one.
  • Have objects such as carafes, drums, shelves, furniture and other items in sight.
  • Have ropes attached to trees or use them as clotheslines.
  • Have clotheslines anchored to the ground.
  • Have tables or chairs that are not suitable for camping activities, such as wood, Formica, metal, raftan, etc.
  • Have irons or pallets under the caravan or in sight.
  • Carry out any type of work or paving (or any measure) in the Camping Unit, either work or wood.
  • The use of tarpaulins, raffias, fabrics, carpets, etc. that are visible.
  • TV Antennas cannot be anchored to trees or the ground.
  • Nail points, nails or similar to trees to hold any device or rope.
  • To have Barbecues in sight that are not the own ones for the Use of the Camping, that is to say those that are made with remainders of washing machines, of work, etc. In all cases the barbecues must be lit EXCLUSIVELY with charcoal and always under the responsibility of the user. In any case, the use of barbecues is subject to current regulations and application by the Generalitat de Catalunya and / or the Ajuntament de Castelldefels.
  • The use and enjoyment of any element which does not comply with these regulations or which, at the discretion of the management, may lead to a bad corporate image of the campsite.

8th – Permissibility in the Camping Units.

In the Camping Unit, it is allowed to have:

  • In the case of caravan customers, an element of shade in addition to the caravan and avancé. Either an avancé, a 3*3 tent or a non-advertising parasol.
  • A trunk measuring 1.20 long * 60 high * 50 wide.
  • A maximum of two pots with a maximum diameter of 30 cm, without a plate underneath to avoid the accumulation of water.
  • A camping barbecue.
  • A table and four chairs.
  • All appliances must be located in the kitchen canvas, not elsewhere.

9th – Seasonal contracts and their legal nature.

The Seasonal Contracts in no case have the nature and effects of a Lease of any kind, being governed solely and exclusively by what is expressly agreed in the same, the present Internal Regime Regulations and the Legal Regulations regarding camping sites.

The price of the seasonal contract for Caravans includes 4 people. The price of the seasonal contract for Mobil homes includes 6 people.

Season contracts for caravans will have a maximum duration of 11 months per year.

The season runs from February 7 to January 9 of the following year.

The Season Pass includes:

  • Weekends (from Friday at 12:00 until Sunday at 23:59 hours) Holidays and the day before public holidays.
  • Easter (according to dates), summer period from 20 June to 15 September approximately and Christmas period from 22 December to 6 January approximately.

The Season Contracts for Mobil homes will have a duration of 11 months per year.

The Season runs from 7 February to 9 January of the following year.

The Season Pass includes:

  • Weekends (from Friday at 12:00 until Sunday at 23:59 hours) Holidays and the day before public holidays.
  • Easter (according to dates), summer period from 20 June to 15 September approximately and Christmas period from 22 December to 6 January approximately.

However, they will have uninterrupted access from March 01, 2019 to October 31, 2019, and the remaining periods only weekends from Friday at 12:00 hours until Sunday at 23:59 hours.

The holder of the Season Contract for both Caravan and Mobil Home is personally responsible for ensuring that all the Persons included in the Contract comply with the rules established therein and in the Internal Regulations, jointly and severally with all of them and before CAESMAR, S.A. for any consequences that may arise in the event of non-compliance.

10th – Reservations and Cancellation Clauses thereof.

If CAESMAR, S.A. does not respond within 24 hours to the reservation requests made by the users, it will be understood that the reservation has not been accepted.

In any case, CAESMAR, S.A. will inform, as soon as possible, in an irrefutable manner, the person or persons who had requested the reservation of the non-acceptance of the reservation and of the reasons for its non-acceptance.

When users have obtained confirmation of reservation of specific accommodation units, with the specification of the number or location, the owners of the establishments must make them available on the agreed date.

If the reservation is for indeterminate accommodation units, CAESMAR,S.A. will make those available to users.

CAESMAR, S.A. is entitled to require users who make a reservation to pay an advance on the price, which is understood to be on account of the amount resulting from the services rendered.

When the reservation has been made using electronic payment tools and the establishment chooses to charge an advance payment of the price as a deposit, this charge must be made within 48 hours following the formalization of the reservation. Once this period has elapsed without the charge having been made, the reservation is understood to have been cancelled.

CAESMAR, S.A. is obliged to inform the user of the cancellation clauses before formalising the contract.

The cancellation policy is as follows:

a) Between 60 and 15 days before the date of the stay, 100% of the amount paid on account will be refunded.

b) Between 14 and 10 days before the date of the stay, refund of 50% of the amount paid on account.

c) Less than 9 days, the amount paid on account will not be refunded.

CAESMAR, S.A. is obliged to inform the user(s), prior to the conclusion of the contract, of the applicable regulations in the event of renunciation of the stay.

When the person using an accommodation establishment leaves the reserved unit before the date until which it was reserved, the person owning the establishment may request up to 100% of the total price of the services still to be used, unless there is a specific agreement between the parties.

If the user has paid the deposit and does not come to the establishment on the agreed date, the establishment is obliged to maintain the reservation made during the period covering one night’s stay. After this period, the reservation will be automatically cancelled without the possibility of claiming the amounts already paid on account.

11th – Of the Facilities of the Users.

In order to access the Installations, Users and Partners as Users are obliged to provide, at the request of CAESMAR S.A. Management, the documentation accrediting their ownership of their Caravan or Mobile Home.

The entry of Caravans or Mobil Homes that are more than 10 years old and that do not maintain the good image that CAESMAR, S.A. requires of all its Users (with the exception of those already existing) and appropriate to their Category is totally prohibited.

The holder of the Contract is obliged to take out Civil Liability and Theft Insurance, which may be required at any time by the Management or other Personnel of CAESMAR S.A. for its continuity at the Campsite.

The holder of the Contract is obliged, under his full and exclusive responsibility in the event of non-compliance, with regard to the Supply of Electricity in his Camping Unit to respect the following requirements:

1.- Only one socket will be installed from the outlet. (It is not allowed to use roba-currents or similar at this point).

The cable to be used must comply with current regulations and will be authorised by CAESMAR S.A. maintenance personnel.

3.- The splices must be made inside by means of sealed and homologated boxes. Never outdoors.

4.- There must be no coiled or interlaced cables.

5.- Plastics or similar must not be used to wrap the cables.

The maximum power available is 6 amps for caravans and 10 amps for mobile homes. It is totally forbidden to connect Devices that can exceed such Voltages either as a whole or separately.

7.- The lighting outside the Camping Unit may not be halogen type and must be watertight and anti-humidity.

8.- The User and/or Member as User is obliged to allow the Management or Employees of the Company to verify the strict and faithful compliance with the present regulations regarding the Installation of Electricity.

12th- Of the Facilities of the Camping.

a) Sanitary services.

It is obligatory that children under 4 years are always accompanied by their parents or persons delegated by the latter.

It is not allowed to use the toilets as a playground for children.

It is not allowed to use skates, bicycles, balls, etc. both inside and near them.

The use of loudspeakers in toilets is not permitted.

For reasons of hygiene, dogs are not allowed to access the toilets.

b) Fountains:

It is forbidden to use the fountains for washing dishes, clothes, etc. To this end, there are several sinks installed throughout the campsite as well as in the toilets.

c) Pools.

All customers who use the pools of the campsite are required to respect both the Timetables and the Rules of Use contained in the access to them.

Also the indications of the Rescuers hired by the Company must be respected, who – in their condition of maximum authority in the enclosure of the Swimming Pools – will be able to deny the access or to expel of the swimming pool to any person who does not comply with their indications in the enclosure.

Children under the age of 10 must always be accompanied by an adult and it is their sole responsibility to care for them.

The lifeguards are to preserve the safety of bathers, in no case are responsible for children nor is the Society. (Caesmar is not responsible for children either.)

d) Restaurant, gardens, Disco, Supermarket.

It is strictly forbidden to access these areas by bicycle, skateboard, skateboard, etc..

All facilities must be maintained for the good of all and any damage caused must be paid for by the person involved, and may be expelled in the event of non-payment.

13th – Of the Residues.

For reasons of hygiene, bad smells, flies, etc. the waste must be deposited in the containers set up for this purpose.

For the same purpose, CAESMAR, S.A. has several selective containers for the collection of cardboard, plastic, glass, batteries and organic matter.

Given the importance of this issue, all customers are required to follow these instructions which are based on respect for other customers and the environment.

It is not allowed to deposit electrical appliances or any other type of equipment at the entrance of the plot so that they can be picked up by the campsite staff without having previously consulted with reception the possibility of doing so. At the entrance to the plot only plant remains may be left.

14th – Of the Visits.

Visits must be received at the Campsite Reception by the Users who have requested them.

Visits should not exceed 10 people per plot at the same time without counting those included in the contract. Any number of visits greater than indicated must be previously consulted with the Management for its assessment according to the limits of maximum capacity of the campsite.

Visits constitute a deference that the Management has towards the client/user. In no case CAESMAR, S.A. is obliged to allow entry and in all cases they must respect the already existing rules, the holder of the contract being directly responsible for the plot they come to visit.

These Visitors must inexcusably register at the Reception of the campsite and must inexcusably present their documentation to access the facilities. In case that the visit did not pay the corresponding amount, the holder of the contract of the parcel to which the client comes to visit will be directly responsible for the payment. If the visit was less than thirty minutes, no amount will be charged.

CAESMAR, S.A. is authorised to expel from the campsite any person not duly registered at reception.

The current rates, which vary depending on whether the season is High or Low are exposed in reception.

Visitors must leave the premises before the established time limit and in no case may they stay overnight unless prior registration and payment of the corresponding tourist tax (0.50€ per person per night, over 17 years with the limit of 7 nights).

The client also acquires the commitment and responsibility that their guests respect the present rules as well as those established in the Internal Regulations of the Catalan Camping and Caravaning Federation.

For customers who occupy Mobil Home, if this is of higher capacity than the people registered in the seasonal reservation, people who come to visit, will be considered as such, under the conditions of the previous paragraph, not being able to occupy vacant place or be replaced by others that are already registered in the reservation.

The persons registered in the Seasonal Contract, once signed, cannot be substituted by other different ones, reason why the titular Client is obliged not to modify any of the persons registered in the above mentioned Seasonal Contract.

The Management and staff of CAESMAR S.A. are expressly authorised to ask Clients for the documentation necessary to verify the identity of the registered persons with whom they are actually at the Campsite.

In the event that a client refuses to provide such identifications or the concurrence of an unregistered visit can be verified, the latter person may be expelled immediately and the visited Client will be imposed a Serious Fault.

15th -From the Circulation in the interior of the Facilities.

It is totally forbidden to use the Vehicle inside the Camping except to enter and leave it, except in cases of extreme necessity duly accredited.

CAESMAR, S.A. advises customers to walk inside the campsite.

The maximum speed to circulate inside the campsite is 10 kilometres per hour.

The circulation inside the campsite is allowed from 07:00 to 23:00 hours.

From that time onwards, the client intending to enter the campsite must park his vehicle in the car park right at the entrance. This parking has limited capacity, so once everything is occupied, you must leave your vehicle outside the campsite. The night parking schedule is from 23:00 to 11:00 hours. After 11:00 the car park must be empty, if any vehicle remains, you must pay the established rate for parking. In high season the entrance to the campsite is delayed until 00:00.

CAESMAR, S.A. is not responsible for any theft, robbery or damage that may be caused to the car park, as reflected in the Seasonal Contract of each client.

16th – Circulation of Mopeds and/or Motorcycles.

The possibility that these may be parked in the car park is entirely conditional and must be consulted beforehand, it may also be revoked at any time.

All mopeds/motorcycles must be registered at reception, depositing permits and documentation without exception.

The same ones will have to pay the quota so alone in high season that will be of 100 € and will comprise from the 15 of June to the 15 of September of the present year.

Failure to comply with any of these rules authorizes the client to deny entry to the vehicle to the facilities.

17th – Bicycles, Electric Scooters and other Electric Displacement Instruments.

In the use of these elements within the campsite is necessary to take all possible safety measures and its use is subject only to the walk, being prohibited any race or competition speed or dexterity.

In case of infringement and / or obstruction by the same in the compound of the campsite, the staff of the campsite has the power to remove them if it deems necessary. Any repetition of such infraction will empower the management to take appropriate sanctions.

From 00:00 hours until 07:00 these elements can not circulate inside the enclosure.

18th – Parking.

The registered Vehicle must always remain parked inside its Camping Unit, having to reserve the necessary space for this purpose. Only in exceptional cases will a parking lot be set up outside the camping unit, each case being evaluated. As mentioned above, 50% of the Camping Unit must be reserved space for the parking of the vehicle.

The outdoor car park is reserved for vehicles entering the facilities later than the time limit established for circulation on the campsite and for campsite workers and must be vacated before 11 a.m. regardless of the season. If you do not leave the car park before 11 a.m. you will have to pay 20€.

The Management reserves the right to take action in the event of non-compliance with any of the aforementioned rules.

19th -Of the Possession of Animals inside the Facilities.

CAESMARl, S.A. authorises the entry of clients with dogs or cats, prior registration and presentation of the animal documentation, making the payment of the amount stipulated by the management of the campsite and whose rates are available to the public at Reception.

The entry of any other animal is not authorized.

Also, as indicated by law 10/99 of July 30, published in the Official Journal of the Generalitat de Catalunya, number 2948 page 10716 is denied access to the campsite to dogs belonging to one of the following breeds or their crosses (considered as Potentially Dangerous Dogs):

a) Pit Bull Terrier.

b) Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

c) American Staffodshire Terrier.

d) Rottweiler.

e) Dogo Argentino.

(f) Fila Brasileiro.

(g) Tosa Inu.

(h) Akita Inu.

The customer is responsible for knowing the current law on the possession of dogs considered dangerous.

If after the Registration or formalization of the Reserve, is to appreciate that some User, or any of its Guests, has made entry of a dog of the breeds or crosses described above, those are obliged to their immediate eviction from the campsite at the request of the Directorate, proceeding in case of failure to submit the appropriate complaint to the Authority.

Likewise, CAESMAR, S.A. reserves the right to admit any kind of dog or cat that it considers may bother its clients.

Dogs, regardless of their size, must be tied at all times, even when they are in their Camping Units.

For reasons of hygiene, dogs are not allowed access to toilets or swimming pools.

Likewise and for reasons of hygiene, it is the obligation of the owners to collect the depositions of their animals against a fine of 100,-€.

The client is obliged to register the animal or animals and pay the amount. CAESMAR, S.A. will provide the owner of the dog with a badge which must be displayed at all times when the dog is inside the facilities. This distinctive will not be transferable. The loss of the same one will entail the payment of 5€ for its substitution. In case of breakage or deterioration of the same one, the damaged distinctive will have to be contributed so that this one, without cost some, is changed by a new one.

Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in the expulsion of the animal, denial of access or in case of very serious misconduct the expulsion of the owner of the same losing all rights as a camper.

The Management reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities if the owner of any of the animals fails to comply with the established rules.

20th – Enjoy the accommodation units.

The entrance to the Accommodation Unit is fixed between 12:00 and 16:00.
The persons accommodated must leave the unit they occupy before 12 noon. In the case of groups of 20 or more people, the establishment can set the departure time to be from 10 am. If they do not leave the accommodation units within the relevant time of the departure date, the establishment may request the assistance of the law enforcement agencies for their eviction.

The enjoyment of accommodation and other services lasts for the period agreed between the owner of the establishment and the user or his representative. Any extension or reduction of the previously agreed term is subject to mutual agreement between the owner of the establishment and the user.
In the event that the agreed accommodation period has ended, that the invoice is not paid or that the person has been evicted, CAESMAR, S.A. may freely dispose of the Accommodation Unit.

21st – Of the Right of Eviction.

In accordance with art. 31 of Decree 159/2012, in the event of abandonment by Clients or Members of their belongings and/or expulsion from the establishment, CAESMAR, S.A. is authorised to remove from the Camping Unit the belongings of the user who are there, once an inventory has been made and signed by two witnesses.

One month after an attempt has been made to faithfully notify the User or Member at the address provided by the latter to the Company without the said withdrawal, CAESMAR, S.A. may freely dispose of the said belongings.

In the same case, CAESMAR, S.A. is authorised to move the camping equipment and hostels of users to a new location within the campsite and outside the campsite area without the need to guarantee the conditions of surveillance of these removed equipment and provided that this does not increase the risk for the users of the campsite.

Likewise, and in the event that there is no space within the Campsite where these elements can be transferred, CAESMAR, S.A. is expressly authorised to transfer them to a third depot, at the expense of the user who has abandoned them.

The withdrawal of the abandoned belongings on the part of the owner Users will not be able to be made but against the previous payment of the daily price according to tariffs of effective prices, as well as the Expenses caused as consequence of the necessary Deposit and of occasioned Transfer.

Likewise, on the closing dates of the Campsite, Users are obliged to leave the Camping Unit empty, free and expeditious, and otherwise CAESMAR, S.A. is expressly authorised to remove all the Elements that the User has left on the Campsite in the terms and under the conditions outlined in this section.

CAESMAR, S.A. As the owner of the Tourist Accommodation establishment, it is expressly authorised to request the assistance of the Police and/or Judicial Authority to evict from the Estrella de Mar Campsite those people who do not comply with these Internal Regulations and/or the usual rules of social coexistence, as well as those who intend to enter for purposes other than the peaceful enjoyment of the service provided or the activity carried out.

22nd – Suggestions mailbox.

Without prejudice to and in addition to the Official Claim Forms that are available to Users, in the Campsite Reception Offices are installed two SUGGESTION BUZONS at the disposal of one of the Partners of the company CAESMAR, S.A. and the other of the Clients Users of the Camping Estrella de Mar.

CAESMAR, S.A. will only be obliged to answer those suggestions that are fully identified, signed, dated and accompanied by a photocopy of the ID of the signatory or signatories.

Parallel to the presentation and deposit of the Suggestion in the Mailbox duly identified, signed, dated and accompanied by a photocopy of the National Identity Document of the signatory or signatories of the same, a sealed copy will be given to them by the Campsite Management with an express review of the date of entry.

Suggestions, provided that they meet the above requirements, will be the subject of an obligatory written reply by the Management to the signatory or signatories within 60 days of receipt, unless reasons of force majeure inexcusably require an immediate reply, in which case they will be within 15 days of submission.

The reply will be delivered personally to the User or Member who signed it within the expressed maximum periods and against signature as a sign of receipt, or at the address provided by the Users/Customers in their communication of Suggestion.

23rd – Serious Faults.

They constitute Serious Misconduct and, therefore, reason for automatic expulsion for a period of between 3 and 12 months, to be fixed at the discretion of the Campsite Management and in accordance with the concurrent circumstances in each case, the commission within the Campsite Facilities of any of the following acts

a) Mistreatment of ornamentation elements, furniture, installations, plants and others existing in the Campsite Installations and of common collective use.

b) Failure to comply with the instructions given by the Management and other CAESMAR, S.A. personnel regarding the Use of the Campsite Facilities, as well as with the Rules contained in this Internal Regulations.

c) Any conduct that threatens respect for other clients and the rules of good coexistence, such as: music or televisions with too much volume or other noises that may disturb other clients.

d) To occupy, on more than one occasion, the parking spaces assigned to other vehicles, even if these are empty. Also occupy, on more than one occasion, empty plots or other spaces not used for parking vehicles.

e) Washing any vehicle or motorcycle outside the place provided by the campsite for this purpose.

f) The planting or felling of existing shrubs or trees in the Camping Unit without first obtaining the express consent of the Campsite Management.

g) The repeated deposit of the waste generated in the Campsite Unit outside the selective containers for the collection of cardboard, plastic, glass, batteries and organic matter located in the Campsite Facilities. For these purposes, repeated non-compliance with this obligation on more than two occasions shall be understood to be a repetition.

h) The sale or commercialisation, whether free or onerous, of any type of Product inside the campsite.

i) Failure to notify the Campsite Management of any case of feverish and/or contagious illness suffered by a person included in the Camping Unit.

j) Consumption of any type of drug or narcotic within the public common areas of the Campsite Facilities.

k) Consumption of alcohol by minors within the common public areas of the Campsite facilities.

l) Occupying the roads and streets with tables and/or chairs and/or other belongings hindering the normal circulation of vehicles.

m) The vandalism commission at CAESMAR facilities.

24th – Of the Very Serious Faults.

They constitute Very Serious Faults and, therefore, reason for automatic, immediate and definitive expulsion, the commission within the Campsite Facilities by any User Client of any and all of the following acts with loss of the amounts paid on account without the possibility of claiming them.

a) Originate and/or actively participate in any type of fight, brawl or physical altercation between Members as users of the Campsite and/or between Clients of the Campsite.

b) The commission inside the Camping Facilities of any fault or offence typified in the Penal Code which has been the reason for a complaint to the Mossos d’ Esquadra and which has been subsequently condemned by the Courts of Justice.

c) Disrespect, Threats, Insults or any verbal or physical Aggression to the Management, the members of the Board of Directors of the Company, Employees of the Company as well as to the Workers of the Security Company or other companies subcontracted by the Company.

d) The simple possession of any type of Weapon at the Campsite and/or its marketing.

e) The non-payment, even partial, of the amount of the Seasonal Quota or of any Service received from the Company. Failure to comply with the payment schedule stipulated and/or agreed.

f) The inclusion in the Seasonal Contract of members that, as a whole, imply non-compliance with the requirements expressly established in Rule 9 of these Regulations.

g) Introduce or allow people from outside the campsite to remain in the campsite without having made the Entry Registration.

h) The repeated commission of acts that have given rise to the imposition of 2 or more of the Sanctions contemplated in Rule 24 considered as Serious Misconduct.

i) When in the same Temporary Contract 2 or more of its members have been the object of 2 or more of the Sanctions contemplated both in Rule 24 and in the present one, the automatic, immediate and definitive Expulsion will be extended to ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE CAMPING UNIT without the right to claim the amounts already delivered.

j) Failure to comply with the Dates of Duration of the Seasonal Contracts and/or the periods of use thereof, established in Rule 9 of these Regulations.

k). The Marketing, Sale, Purchase or exchange of any type of drug or narcotic inside the campsite facilities.

25th – From the Access to the Camping with pending debts of payment.

Access to the Camping Facilities is strictly forbidden for any Client with a pending and certain debt with CAESMAR.S.A, except for the concurrence of an express written agreement with the Camping Management for its liquidation.


CAESMAR S.A. is not responsible for any theft, robbery or damage of any kind to the client’s belongings and/or belongings.

Nor shall it be liable for damage caused by fires caused by the campers themselves or their facilities, or by atmospheric causes or any other cause unconnected with CAESMAR S.A.

This establishment has the right of admission reserved, with the signature of the seasonal reservation the client undertakes to comply with the internal regime attached as well as with any provision that CAESMAR S.A. makes public on the notice boards distributed by the campsite for this purpose.